We’re here to enable young minds around the world to achieve their greatest potential through education and mentorship

Our program is designed to help users discover and hone in on their talents, which will yield a generation of engaged and thriving professionals – that are also leading fulfilling and successful lives.

We are a foundation whose mission is to guide today’s youth in the pursuit of their professional purpose, through education and digital mentoring. We aim to help young students reach their potential and discover their true talent, which will yield a crop of eager professionals who will lead much more fulfilling lives.

To guide students as they seek to pursue careers that will allow them to showcase their talents.
This will be accomplished through the use of cutting-edge technologies like AI and blockchain in the form of a digital mentorship app named Emma. Emma will be made available globally, making it an inclusive, engaging, and easy to navigate tool – with a purpose

Emma is your friendly neighborhood (but very worldly) app, built with tools tailored to the needs of students. Emma is committed to the development of a society that is driven by redefining success. Through intelligent technologies and data, Emma will empower eager young users to be the next change agents that are mindful, fulfilled, and that add value to the world.

Emma aims to equip and guide high school and college students with the tools and strategies that will enable them to achieve success throughout their educational journey and beyond. Now more than ever, technology has made it possible for us to reach students across geographical boundaries, and Emma is ready to make an impact on a global scale.

The door leading to your dreams is right in front of you. Let Emma show you the way

With the tools that Emma makes available for you:


Digital mentor available 24 hours a day

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Curated content using big data and analytics.



Road-map to pursue your purpose.



Connection with peers with similar interests.

Human Mentor

Human Mentor

Connection with a human mentor for the last stretch (Premium)

Today’s youth are the leaders of tomorrow

Emma is here for you. Get started and explore her benefits.

Simple to navigate

We designed Emma to become your digital, smart, cool and user friendly App.

Connection with professional mentors

Expand your knowledge, discover yourself with the guide and expertise from our mentors.

Mentoring with a purpose

Our goal is to help you achieve your greatest potential. No judging

Future vision

Of how your potential can offer you a personal return on your invesment.


Trust her, she will suggest what is best for you.

It's free

You only need the desire to succeed!

Students have been adamant about the impact of having not just a mentor, but one who is equipped with the right information to help them.

We're are excited about the new age of academic mentoring, here are some of the comments that inspire us.
Rosa Brenes

Rosa Brenes

College Grad

"Mentoring is the best thing that ever happened to my life, without it I wouldn't be leading two successful business at a young age.”

Ryan Dilone

Ryan Dilone

HS Student, 16

“Mentoring is important because it’s the best possible way to learn, improve yourself and grow. Without mentoring my challenges would have been greater.”

DuMarkus Davis

DuMarkus Davis


"Having a good mentor is important and necessary. Mentors are the friends and advisors that change the trajectory of your life. I’m the person I am today because of incredible mentors who have supported me on my journey."

The soul of Emma

As a specialized network of professional mentors, we bring together the best and most experienced individuals. Each mentor understands that investing in education will always provide the highest returns. By leveraging their specialties and eye for talent based on real experiences, they will determine the outcomes of promising young people as they pursue their potential. Ultimately, an Emma mentee will act with certainty and the fulfillment they will be able to attain on a personal and professional level will undoubtedly have a positive impact on society as a whole.

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The power of mentorship is felt and known all around the world. Here are some noteworthy pieces that can help you understand just how much of a difference this project can create.


In today’s world, our children clearly have too much access...

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In today’s world, our children clearly have too much access...

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